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Please Note: The tuition and fees listed below are not applicable for School of Continuing Studies (SCS) students enrolled in SCS courses. Review SCS tuition rates here.

Tuition Information for Summer 2019*

Undergraduate Students (Georgetown undergraduates, visiting undergraduates, and summer college students) $1,496 per credit
Graduate Students (Georgetown graduate students and visiting graduate students) $2,065 per credit

*subject to change.


Fees for Summer 2019*

General Fees  
One-time Transcript Fee for Summer Sessions students $25.00
Returned Check Fee (Student Accounts Office) $80.00
Late Registration Fee $100.00
Laboratory Fees  
Language Lab Fee $70.00
Fine Arts Fee $130.00
Science Laboratory Fee (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology) $150.00

*subject to change.

Additional Information

  • Tuition Policies
    • All tuition and fees are due before the start of classes.
    • Students' accounts are subject to assessment of a monthly service charge of 1.75% of the outstanding balance, if not paid in full by the payment due date.
    • A Late Registration Fee will be assessed to anyone who initiates registration on or after the first day of classes in a given session.
    • Any student who registers for a class via MyAccess, Add-Drop form, or other special permission, and stops attending or never attends class without making arrangements to drop the course or withdraw from the course will still be responsible for the course‚Äôs tuition and fees. Any student who needs help changing his or her registration should contact the Summer Sessions office immediately. Please see the tuition refund schedule for the percentage refund owed on and after specific dates in each session.
    • Tuition may be paid online by electronic check or credit card at Student Account Services, which is accessible to admitted students via MyAccess. Payment by credit card will require payment of a 2.75% convenience fee. Tuition may also be paid by cash, paper check, wire transfer, or international transfer of funds via PeerTransfer/FlyWire. Payment plans and direct invoicing of sponsors is available. For more information, please contact the Office of Billing and Payment Services.
    • Students will not be assessed any tuition and fees until early April. After early April, students will be assessed tuition and fees twenty-four hours after they have registered. You can view your Summer Sessions bill and account activity online through Student Account Services (accessible via MyAccess). New billing statements will be generated and posted online every two weeks for any account not paid in full. Notifications of new billing statements are sent to your Georgetown email address as well as any email address you authorize via Student Account Services. Please note that paper bills are no longer mailed to students.
    • Students whose Summer Sessions bills are being paid in whole or in part by a non-Georgetown University scholarship must submit the scholarship award notice directly to the Office of Billing and Payment Services as payment with their bill. (Procedures are subject to change.) Tuition is determined by the academic level of the course and not by the academic level of the student.
    • Auditors pay full tuition per credit.
    • A student who leaves Georgetown, for any reason, with an outstanding balance should immediately contact the Office of Billing and Payment Services to arrange for payment of the balance. Failure to contact this office will necessitate the forwarding of the account to a credit bureau and a collection agency. In this event, the former student will be responsible for payment of any fees or expenses incurred by Georgetown in the collection of the outstanding balance.
    • Summer Sessions students who have an outstanding balance as of the first day of the session in which they are registered will need to make payment in full by the close of business (5:00 p.m. ET) of the add/drop deadline and be in communication with the Summer Sessions Office. Students will receive communication via their Georgetown University e-mail address and their personal e-mail (if available) reminding them of this policy on the second day of class for the session in which they are enrolled. Failure to make payment and/or communicate with the Summer Sessions Office by the close of business on the add/drop deadline will result in the student being dropped from any registered courses for the enrolled session.
  • Tuition Refunds
    • Tuition is 100% refundable only when the student drops a course during the designated add/drop period in each session. After that period, students will receive a percentage refund of the tuition only, depending on when the student submits a withdrawal request via MyAccess. Any fees associated with a course will not be refunded after the designated Add/drop period.
    • Any refund will be computed according to the Summer Sessions tuition refund schedule found here. This schedule does not apply to Study Abroad Programs, and these dates are subject to change.
    • Tuition and fees for tutorial courses are not refundable. Laboratory fees are refundable only within the designated Add/drop period in each session.
    • Georgetown students participating in the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area during the summer will receive refunds of tuition under the same policy and according to the same scale as above.
    • See Office of Billing and Payment Services for more information on tuition refunds.
    • See Add/Drop section of the Academic Policies page for more information.
  • Tuition Scholarships

    Georgetown Students

    • Students seeking information about scholarships and other financial assistance for summer study should visit Office of Student Financial Services.
    • Applications will soon be available. Early submission is strongly recommended since financial aid funds are limited.

    Visiting Students

    • Visiting students who are not attending via the Consortium or the Honors Institute can apply for limited scholarship assistance directly from the Georgetown Summer Sessions.
    • Partial tuition scholarships are available in limited numbers and do not provide for fees, travel, room and board, or study abroad.
    • Interested students can download the Partial Tuition Scholarship Application* or request one from the Summer Sessions Scholarship Committee, Georgetown University, 3307 M Street NW, Suite 202, Washington, DC 20007, (202) 687-8700.
    • Scholarship announcements will be e-mailed on a rolling basis.
    • All scholarships are offered contingent upon enrollment in selected courses. If a student drops or withdraws from a selected course, all scholarship funds will be rescinded and removed from the student's account.

    *Consortium students are not eligible to apply.

  • Loans

    Georgetown Students

    • Students who enroll at least half-time in the Summer Sessions and who have not already borrowed the maximum loan amounts during the preceding academic year may be eligible to borrow more to meet Summer Sessions costs.
    • Georgetown degree candidates can apply for loans through the Office of Student Financial Services.

    Visiting Students

    • Students must apply for loans through their home institutions; Georgetown will work with the home institution to certify enrollment and need for assistance for the summer term.

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